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Jib Con 2015 Sunday

The last con day started one hour later than planned. I didn´t know why but we never caught up the lost hour. That made the day more hectic because you had to always double check if the timing for your photos and autograph were still the same as when you got the info.
My first encounter was with Richard that day. I went to get his autograph. I had thought about it what I would tell him this time, as I have met him several times before. I remembered that I was so worried about him because he was announced so late this time for Jib. And so I told him that.
Richard: That is right it was really late this time.
Me: It wouldn´t be the same without you.
Richard turning with a big smile on his face to his assistant on the table: Did you hear that, it wouldn´t be the same without me.
Assistant smiles and speak to me and Richard: for me, too.
Me: Thank you for being so wonderful and helpful to keep up the good mood even after the things with Jared.
Richard: Thank you that is so nice of you to say that.

After that I went straight to the table with Greyston at it. I just thanked him that he was so much fun at the cocktail party and he thanked me back. I was pleasantly surprise what a good guest he was. When he got announced I was not thrilled to say the least. I was afraid he would be a second Brock Kelly but he was really fun, really good looking and had some interesting things to say.
Then it was time for my first photo of the day, my Mark and Osric photo. Osric being such a sweetheart the day before I decided to went for a hug from him. I love Mark, I love his panels and I love his performance as Crowley and lots of other stuff I seen him in. But it is really difficult to get a got looking photo with him. I don´t know why it is, maybe because he is a little bit grumpy most of the time and it shows in his pictures. I thought that when I hug Osric it would work perfectly for him to look a bit grumpy. So when it was my turn I said to Osric that I would like to hug him and then turn to Mark and told him that he can look angry, or sad, or annoyed or whatever. Mark said “what?” with this grumpy expression on his face and I wasn´t sure if he was messing with me or really didn´t understand what I wanted from him. So my shyness was on big time and I didn´t know what to do. Osric being the cutie that he is explained Mark that I wanted to hug him and that he should react to it. Mark smiling again and being okay with it, I was so relieved that Osric took over because I doesn´t know if I could have said one more word. So I rushed into Osric´s arms and feeling so protected and unfortunately in a few seconds it was over. Before I walked away I turned around to see both of them and saying “thank you both”. Maybe to make up for putting all my attention so obviously on Osric. In the end Mark looks really great in this photo. His mimic says like I don´t care at all what these both are doing and I love it.
Right after that was originally the Jared + Misha photo but with Jared’s absence it was a Misha single photo instead. My friend Johanna and I wanted to take a photo with him together. She having a bad hair day on Saturday we decided to get it on Sunday. At first we wanted to pull him with a scarf in each of our direction but one of the scarfs didn´t smell so good anymore so we tried something different. I try to pull him with the scarf around his neck in my direction and Johanna tries to push him in the same direction so that we can kidnap him. Misha being super supportive had no problem with it and his look is just perfect like “what are you doing - it will not work this way”. We both are very happy with this photo.
Then I went to get my Jensen autograph but as the organization was still running late they asked us if we could wait until the afternoon session and let now have the people get it who had to leave early and would miss the afternoon session. Jensen still not in sight and already waiting half an hour I was thinking what to do. And then PANIC – I almost forgot my Richard photos. Thank god for an angel pass because it was the last opportunity but it still worked out. After changing my Jared photos I was now the owner of two photos with him. Richard giving wonderful hugs I wanted to have a hug pic with him again. For the other one I didn´t know what to do. But I had a pose in my mind the whole weekend where the guest and I would make a silly face. Putting our hands next to our head and waving with the fingers and pulling the tongue out. I hope you get the picture. I didn´t do it with Jensen, or Misha as planned but with Richard I felt secure enough to suggest it. And he was totally sweet and had no problem with it. It did work out really great in the photo. As I said before Richard is my safe heaven during these cons. And I cannot thank him enough for making me feel so at ease with him. Sure it took some time and more cons than one for me to get that feeling with him but he is such a beautiful human being that it was just a matter of time. Not that the other guests aren´t beautiful and wonderful and really trying to help you feeling not so nervous, but for me it works best with Richard.
After lunch it was time to line up for Jensen´s autograph again. After waiting a long time again he finally arrived and man does he look amazing in real life. It is breathtaking and when he looks at you with his full attention it is almost impossible to get out the right words in the right order. Already having three autograph meetings with him in the past, I must say that this was the best time of all. It is true that he is more open than before in situation like this. He gave me such a welcoming smile that I just talked to him without a problem (thank you god!!!). A friend who didn´t get a ticket for this con asked me to give him and Jared beanies. One with the word moose on it on with not moose on it. When he saw them he had this big smile on his face and was chuckling. I love when he does that, because he looks super cute doing it. Making Jensen chuckle is one of the best things that can happen during a con. I was so megahappy to archive that. I wanted to ask him to get the Moose one to Jared but I said “of course” without me finishing the sentence.
Me: Can you please tell Jared to get better soon.
Jensen: Sure thank you.
Me: And that he should take better care of himself.
Jensen: I will – thank you.
In the afterthought I hope it didn´t come across that I was blaming Jared for not taking better care of himself or something like that. Because that couldn´t be more far away from truth and from what I tried to say. I wanted to say that Jared really should look more after himself than he normally does. He gives the fans and the people he loves and cares about so much that he forgets himself in all of that. As Jensen was still smiling when I turned around I hope he got the right message and keeps in mind that maybe I am not an native English speaker and it wasn´t meant so rude as it may have sounded.
After that I went to the next line and waited for my turn with the Misha autograph. As there were so many people left it got rushed a little bit and I didn´t have the time to tell Misha all that I wanted. Maybe he would have listen to it anyway but I don´t wanted to be the reason that the line came to a hold. So I just thank him for being wonderful at this con and he thanked me for it and I moved on.
A little time later I realized that I forgotten to get his autograph for my friend who couldn´t be here. So again I went to Misha´s table and the woman before me had a really long talk with him about something she gave him. As there was no line anymore except of me he took his time with her. You would guess that I would now tell him what I wanted to say to him but I don´t know why but I didn´t. My mind was empty and I just asked him to write “to Maika” on it. Which he did and then he gave me a big smile. I said thank you and walked away. That was the moment when I realized that I was getting better with talking to them but that I still have a long way to take to be really at ease talking with them. Especially Misha, Jared and Jensen!
Shortly after that I believe the Misha Jensen Panel started and we all were having a great time during that. This panel is unique it is the last one every single year of the Jib con. Everyone is relaxed and a little bit tired because all the hard work is already done. For the most part it is Misha and Jensen fooling around, with the presents on stage and which each other. Hardly any question gets a serious answer but still it is one of the highlights even for me as a big Jared girl. But this time it wasn´t the craziness like last year or the year before. I don´t know if it had something to do with Jared or them being more tired than usually but it were more questions answered than ever before. But still it was a great way to finish this con.

Although it wasn´t the last thing that happened that day. The really last moments belonged to Rob Benedict. He gave a concert and all 4 of us were there to enjoy it. We didn´t know what to expect because nobody of us was on a concert of him before. But it was such a pleasure and an emotional evening. Especially when he sang this song for his friend, who had cancer and passed away not long before this con. He told us that he thought that the jib family was the right place for this song to be heard for the first time. This song and this moment touched my heart on so many levels that I cannot put it into the right words. Just that the jib con family was there for him and made me proud to be a part of it. There couldn´t have been a better way to let this con come to an end.


JIB Con 6 Friday + Saturday

Still overwhelmed and feeling the Conblues after JIB 6 is over I thought writing a con report will maybe help me feel a little bit better.
Our little group of 4 people started on Thursday via Rome because last year we only did Friday to Sunday and it was really stressful. So we decided to go more relaxed this time by adding the Thursday and the Monday. It really helped us on Sunday because things were running really late. But luckily the didn´t canceled a panel or anything.
On Friday things started for me with the Misha panel which was amusing and fun as always. Misha was so wonderful when the poor fangirl fainted on the microphone. You could tell how worried Misha was and how genuine his reactions were. After that the bad news crashed on us like a wall of bricks. All 4 of us big Jared fangirls heard for the first time that he couldn´t be with us. We were so sad and so disappointed. And really worried what happened. Jensen told us that Jared has really exhausted himself and had to leave. I am sure everyone at this point has read Jareds tweets and have seen Videos of Jensen talking about Jared. So I will say no more about it. I am still a bit worried but hope that Jensen´s “ he is feeling better already” is true. All the other guests put so much extra effort in every single thing they did to make up for the loss of Jared.
Later this day was my Richard Meet & Greet which my lovely friends had bought for me as a gift. It was so much fun even after the sad news of Jared. I love Richard he is next to the big 3 (J2 +Misha) my favorite. And the time flew by. Everyone had to say their names, where their came from, since when they started with Spn and how many times their been to Jib con. When it was my turn, Richard remembered me (even as I had cut my hair really short after the last jibcon), he said you were here before and I said yes that is right. My name is Marion and I come from Germany this is my third time on Jib and my first episode was Tall tales with you in it.
Richard: Aw that makes me think I had a part in it.
Me: Yes you did. I don´t like scary stuff usually.
Richard: There is a lot of scary stuff in Supernatural.
Me: I know but this episode was so funny I thought that I could watch it and I fell in love with it.
Richard: Did you do other cons.
Me: Yeah I did 8 photos with you already. (I don´t like this part when I think about it, I am embarrassed that I said that it sounds a little bit arrogant. But I was nervous and then I start to babble without thinking it threw.)
Richard: Yeah but I can´t not remember where they were taken)
Me: I did Asylum in Germany and one in Paris.
Richard: Why Jibcon?
Me: Because things happen here for the first time which on other cons don´t.
Richard: For example?
Me: Jensen singing for the first time.
And that was my turn. I am really proud of myself I got so many sentences out talking with Richard. I am usually totally shy but I don´t know Richard is my safe place at these conventions. I never took a bad picture with him and I can talk to him without getting red like a tomato.

After my friends and I had eaten the most disgusting baguette ever we went to the cocktail party for the first time. I was so looking forward to it, since we got our Angel Passes. And it didn´t disappointed me in any way. It was such an amazing time. I couldn´t sit with my friends because my pass number was the first for the next table. But even if I would have loved to experience it with my friends I loved our table and didn´t want to switch tables. Somebody on our table brought domino stones with them and we put them in a circle and the fun began. Every one of the stars had fun with it. Osric and Felicia got big eyes and were so happy. Mark had a pleasure to destroy our rebuilding work. So many beautiful little moments with it. Maybe the person who brought them read this. Thank you so much – it was such a pleasure watching the stars playing with them.

The Saturday began with the Jensen photo. He was really in a good mood and I tried to be brave and ask Jensen for a pretend to kiss photo and I did it - again without getting red like a tomato. And I am so happy with this photo. I stand on my tiptoes have my hand under his chin and pretend to kiss him on his cheek. Jensen looks so cute and I am okay with me, too. But he is soooo tall I had to use every cm of my body to reach his cheek. If I ever get the nerves to ask Jared the same he has to kneel down a little bit.
After that came my Osric photo which I had switched because of my Jared photo ops. He is such a sweetheart!!! The girl before me had to take the photo 3 times (lucky girl) before it was ok and he put her in position every time with a passion of a saint. He wore an roman outfit and I decided to take a fight photo with him. So I asked him to do karate and he said sure and switched places with me because it would look better. He really tried to get the best pic with every single fan. After we took it I looked him in the eye and opened my arms asking for a hug and without hesitation he gave it to me. I liked him as Kevin but after this small encounter I fall in love with him.
Then it was time for my Tahmoh photo which I don´t like at all. He looks good and is smiling but me – I look confused. My friend Grit went before me and took the photo. Tahmoh put his arms around me and I am ready for the picture. But then my friend was told to come back because the photo was not okay. So Tahmoh let go of his arms and asked what we are doing. Then they said it was my turn and Grit is after me. So he puts again his arms around me. But I look to my friend and I am not ready to take the picture. But to late the photographer already had taken it. But I don´t mind to much I got an extra hug out of Tahmoh.
In the afternoon was my Richard and Rob photo which I also got because of switching my Jared photo ops. So I didn´t have much time to think about it. 2 years before I was in the same situation and I had a flash of a thought. Rob and I were fighting over toilet paper and Richard stand beside us with a wtf face. I love it with all my heart. But this time I only got the idea of them fighting over me. But both of them look like they have so much fun with this position/idea that I think it is one of my favorites.
Last but not least I got my Misha photo. This time I asked Misha to pretend to kiss me and I put my hand over my mouth and go like OHHHH! He is so close and put his arms around me and I love him and I love me in this photo. Thank you Misha for being such a good sports about it.
That was the last photo op of the day. They all were so sweet and generous and were so easy to talk to and so willing to make your dream photo come true. And if you didn´t have a plan because you had this photo only because of Jared missing, they were so helpful with great ideas for the photos.

In between I had my autographs with Tahmoh, Mark, Osric and Felicia.
Tahmoh was nice but nothing like Hello, thank you for coming, happened.

Mark somehow remembered me and said hey again with that look on his face which says I know you.
Me: yes hello again, always a pleasure.
Mark: aww thank you that is nice (or something like that).

My autograph with Osric was after the photo with him. And I told my friends that he is so cute that I like to put him in a baggage and carry him with me. Unfortunately I was still on such a high that I told Osric exactly the same. “Thank you for being so cute the whole time. (embarrassing but still okay)
Osric: aww thank you and smiling a big smile.
Me: I like to put you in a baggage and carry you with me (totally embarrassing and I thought to myself – what are you talking – stop it now.)
Osric totally cool: Maybe I will fit in someday.
I could have hugged him again because he made this awkward moment so much fun again by being so cool with it. Let´s be honest which man would like such an compliment. But he was so cool with it and I am so grateful for that.
You can buy a poster where all guests are on it and can sign their picture. I bought one because I like them more than the single ones. Felicia had a picture with her shortcut hairstyle on it which I seriously love. So I told her that I really like her hairstyle like that and she said the like it, too. She asked me if I got my shortcut just now and I said yes and that I am working on getting it like hers. She said I have to wear it longer in the front and that she would love to still have it but in the industry it is better for a woman to have longer hair. I told her that I like her hairstyle like this, too. She thank me and it was over. I still can´t believe it that I talk with Felicia Day over hairstyles just like to normal women. She is such a sweetheart!
To finish this day I went to the Jason Manns concert. It is such a relaxed and wonderful atmosphere during it, that I had to go even if my friends didn´t want to. And he has a beautiful voice. So I met up with my other friend Anja and her friends. After that we talked for about almost an hour and it was so lovely. Thank you for being so welcoming and open.


Jus In Bello V Con Report

This year I was again at the JIB Con and I had an amazing time. So let me get started with the Saturday and the opening ceremony. My friends and I were sightseeing in Rom on the Friday afternoon so on Saturday morning the con started for us. We all were so nervous if everyone especially Jared would be there after last year disappointed. The opening ceremony began and Jensen, Osric, Sebastian, Misha, Rob, Jason, Richard, Matt (at this point I got really nervous) and finally Jared, Tahmoh and Mark came on stage. They began to throw stuff animals in the audience and were having a good time. Me and my friends couldn´t be happier. We were in Rom and we would finally meet Jared again after we waited 2 years to see him the second time in our life. And he couldn´t have been more of a sweetheart and an awesome human being then he was. But back to that later.

My first photo op was with Jensen. He looked soooo good in the black shirt and I was melting away when I saw him standing there. Last year I got a hug photo with him where he had only one arm around me so I went for a hug again. And I asked shyly “Can we do a hug?” and he smiled at me and said “Sure”. He put both of his arms around me and pushed me to him and I was in heaven. And it did turn out so much better then last year. And I think that Jensen can handle it better if you show him how nervous you are rather then trying to hide it and be over excited as I did with him last year.

After that was the J2 panel which of course was really great and a lots of fun and interesting answers of them. I will not go into detail because there are already videos out there where you can look what happened. Just watching these two together you can see how close and at ease they are with each other.

Then it was time for my Jared photo op. I had three pictures with him - one for each con I went to see him and he wasn´t there at the end. And if you thought I was nervous before Jensens photo op it was nothing against what I was feeling before Jareds. But the fortune was on my side. Two people before me a girl wanted to switch sides with Jared on her photo op and Jared said, that he couldn´t do it because he had a spot on his shirt which you could see in the photo later. One of the staff came out of nowhere and put a spot remover spray on his shirt. Jared was so adorkable when she did it. He first looked confused and then apologetic to us. He asked how much fans where still there and if he had enough time to change his shirt but there wasn´t. So he waited til this spray did his work and told us with his eyes that he was sorry he was holding up the line so much. Which we didn´t mind at all because watching him during this was such a wonderful sight. And it took away some of my nervousness.

Finally it was my time for the photo and he said “hi, how are you?” and I said from the bottom of my heart and with nothing else on my mind “NERVOUS” and he said “awww don´t be” and “come here” and pulled me into his arms and I was dying right there and then. After that I told him that I had another one and if we could do the “prom date pose” and he said “sure” and we did that. After that it came to the last one where I asked him to do the thing with his hand when he pulls demons out of people as Sam. Again he said sure and wanted to pull me at his side. As hard as it was  I told him that no I wanted to hide behind him and looking scared. A little confused he said okay and did it. And let me tell you he has such a great expression on his face and I am okay with me, too, so that it did turn out much better then I had hoped for. Before I left I thanked him and he smiled his big smile and said thank you, too and it was over way to fast but he was so lovely during it.

After that it was time for lunch and to calm down a little bit.

Fortified with pasta I went to get my first autographs.
Tahmoh: He is such a sweetheart. I haven´t met him before so I went to him with a open mind and no real expectations. You could tell that he was a freshman on this con circus but he did really great and wonderful. He looked everyone in the eyes and asked them how they were and tried to have a little Smalltalk with every single fan. And he looked so much better in real life then on TV.
Tahmoh: Hi how are you?
Me: Great! I am so sorry that you died in the finale but it was such a cool go out.
Tahmoh: Yeah it was really a great go out.
Me: but still sad
Tahmoh: I had a blast filming all of these scenes and on set.
Me: And we watching it.
Tahmoh: Awww thank you.

Sebastian: Was really nice, too, but I didn´t know what to talk to him. So it when Hi how are you? Great and you? Having a great time, thank you.

Matt: Was even worse, because I never know what to say to him at all and he isn´t very talkative by himself. So same with Sebastian but insteat of having a great time he only said fantastic.

Ty: I like Ty and I had always a pleasurably time when I met him on the other cons in the past. So I wanted to tell him that I am glad that he is there. After what happened on previous cons and him changing and learning from his mistakes. He was sober the whole time. He greeted the fans when you met him on the hotel floor and was just nice.
He signed my plakat and didn´t even looked up to me. He ordered something from his staff and was talking with everyone else but not me. So for a moment I thought about not telling him that. But then he looked me straight in the eyes, said: Hi (looking down on the plakat to read my name) Marion, how are you? And he was so focusing on me that I told him that I was glad that he was there. He lighten up a little bit and thank me.
Jared: Jared is such a people person and sooo good with his fan. It is such a pleasure to watch him interact with his fans. He really made an effort to talk to each fan in line. Make eye contact and given his full attention to the one in front of him. You could hear him laugh out loud and having such a good time.
Jared: Hi how are you?
Me: Great! I wanted thank you for who you are. I met to of my best friends because of you.
Jared: Oh that’s cool.
Me: Yeah we all love you so much.
Jared: Awesome! And put his arm/hand in the air to give me a high five.
Me: Doing the high five.
Jared: Thank you so much. (Maybe I was imagine it but I had the feeling that it meant something to him)

On the after look I am so glad that I went Saturday because on Sunday he couldn´t have done the high five anymore. And after my photos with him and the autograph I love him so much more. I didn´t thought that was possible, but he was so sweet and humble and did everything in his power to make it an unforgettable experience for every single fan that I just love him so much more now.

Then I catched Jensen panel and for the most part the Misha panel. But had to leave early because of Rob and Richard autograph which weren´t there before.

Rob: Is soooo sweet. You want to hug him the whole time put him into your pocket and take him with you.
Rob: Hi how are you?
Me: Great! And you?
Rob: said something like great or good too. I don´t know for sure anymore.
Me: I wanted to tell you that I am so glad that you are healthy again…
Rob: aww thank you
Me: and that our photo op last year with him, Richard and the toilettepaper will have a special place in my heart.
Rob: aww great, thank you!

Then I was lining up for Richard. And he took his time with every fan. And I love that he does that and takes his time no matter what. But right in that moment it was getting me frustrated because the Jared panel was about to start and I didn´t wanted to miss that. So when I was slowly going forward in the line, I was thinking to myself that it wasn´t the right way to do this. Richard is my favorite after the big 3 (J2+Misha). So I left without his autograph and saved it for Sunday.

I didn´t know that there wasn´t going to be a Jared panel anymore on this day. Ty, Matt and Sebastian had to fill in for him because Jared had a “misshappening”. Later at the Jason concert Daniela told us, that Jared had tripped, trying to catch himself with his elbow and then dislocated his shoulder twice. It wasn´t until the next day to find out the details of what happened with Jared.

Jared and Osric where in the green room and Jared was bored. So he asked if someone wanted to wrestle with him. Osric said ok but wanted to go to another more safe room with more space. Jared being Jared said no that is alright here and began to come up to Osric. In the middle of this Jared tapped on the ground and Osric let go and Jared said with a straight face that he thinks that he just dislocated his shoulder. They put it back in and Jared went up to his room where he thought he must stretch himself. During that his shoulder disclocated completely again. And this time it was really painful. Clif and Tahmoh who were luckily there, hold his body and put his shoulder back in it again. Osric feeling so bad about it that he went to Jared watched him sleep together with Clif, so that if Jared wakes up and is in pain again, someone is there to help him. Clif said to Osric that he shouldn´t miss the diner with the others because it is his first time in Rom. Still feeling guilty he left. So when Jared woke up again he went to the diner to make sure that Osric wouldn´t worry to much.
Here is a link to the video where Osric tells this story. He is so cute during it!!!



The first panel on this morning was Jareds. You could tell that something wasn´t right with his right arm. He started with talking about Osric and his shoulder and told us that Genevieve told him that he isn´t eight years old anymore and that his brother wanted to know how big this guy was and when Jared told him that he was only shoulder high couldn´t understand it. He still was in a good mode and tried to hide in how much pain he was.

After that was the J2 photo op and Jared was sitting on a chair and Jensen was standing. You weren´t allowed to touch his shoulder in any way. First I was a little disappointed that he wasn´t standing. But also really glad that he was there at all and didn´t cancel it. And he was such an professional and did everything in his power to still make it a beautiful picture and special moment for everyone. And Jensen was so awesome, too. He was so flexible and tried to compensate that Jared was sitting with findind a good pose for us. When it was my time I asked Jared if it would be okay if I put my head on his other shoulder carefully. And he said sure and Jensen should do the same with me. I laid my hands really carefully on this other shoulder and on top of that my head. Jensen is holding is head on my shoulder even if it didn´t really touch it. And what can I say it turned out to be one of my favorite photos of this event.

After a short break for Jared it continued with the Jared and Misha photo. This time both of them are standing but the no touching rule for his shoulder still stands. I wanted a sandwich photo which I thought wasn´t possible anymore. But Jared and Misha made it work. Jared pulls me with his healthy arm to him and Misha is squezzing me from the other side. I couldn´t move at all just putting a smile on my face and it turn out as well as the others. Before I left I told Jared that I hope he gets better soon and he thanked me for that.

As I left the room I could line up again for the Misha photo. This time I hug Misha and it felt so good. Unfortunately the picture is my least favorite because I look a little bit like the huntchman from Notre dame. But still Misha looks good and I look really happy as I was so somehow I am okay with it.

Before lunch I went to get Jensens autograph. The lining up for that took forever but I guess you are not on a convention if you haven´t stand in line for almost an hour to get an autograph or a photo. But it was worth it. If you stand right before Jensen and he looks soooo good and you right into your eyes it doesn´t matter anymore.  I wanted to thank him for playing Dean so perfectly as a awesome big brother and a scary guy hooked up on the first blade. The problem only was that when I began the speaking the frame scary little guy came to my mind but I don´t wanted to tell Jensen that he was little. So it went that way:

Jensen: Hi
Me: Hi, I wanted to thank you for playing Dean so perfectly…….as a awesome big brother and a scary………guy…with…the first……blade.
Jensen smiling encouragingly: thank you!
He listened to my stuttering with so much patient and a smile on his face it was so loveable.

Then I gave Richard another try. And Richard remembered me again. It is such a great feeling!
Richard: Ah you again. How are you?
Me: A little bit tired but happy. I wanted to thank you for eight wonderful photo ops and so easy to talk to and just being a wonderful person.
Richard: Awww that is so sweet of you. A pleasure to meet you as always.

What can I say I love this guy and the photos with him always turn out beautiful. He has such a calming effect on me that I don´t look nervous or something in his photo. And I just wanted to let him know how amazing he is and me as a normally shy person helps it a lot that he is who he is.

In the Jared Meet and Greet Jared was talking about his shoulder again. That it gets better but that it will take some time. Gen will be probably happy about it because that means no time on the gym for him for a while. And he was asked about the Sam and Dean relationsship and he answered the same as in the panel that he hopes that Sam will have to look for Dean who dissapears with Crowley and we will see his journey during this time. One fan pointed out that there is no Sam POV for quite some time now and he said that he didn´t realise that but that he will talk to the writers about that.
He also talk about books that he likes to read and asked if we could tell him some who he needs to read. He likes the Harry Potter books, Lord of the rings, Star Wars books and tries the Game of thrones books next. There were more talk but I don´t remember it anymore. It was more a casual conversation then a real Q and A. But it was great to see him up this close and so relaxed.

Then it was time for the Jared Misha Panel which was a lot of fun, too. Misha forgot on one point that Jareds shoulder was hurt and touched it and felt sorry for that and the looks between Misha and Jared were priceless. Even if they prank each other so much you can tell what great friends these two are beside of that.

After that it was time for my last photo. I asked the mother of my friend if she wanted to be on a photo with me and Richard. And she was so sweet!!! She had already a photo with Richard because she really likes him but she wanted to go with her daughter. But she surprised me on the next morning with another photo op of him just to go with me on the photo. It was so nice of her! Thank you Agnes for that! We decided to put Richard in the middle and pull him in each direction because we both wanted him. Agnes told him that and he was yeah sure. And his face in this photo is so great and as always with Richard it looks really cool.

And then it was time for my last autograph which was from Misha.
Misha: Hi, how are you doing.
Me: I think it was great as always but I don´t know anymore.
I wanted to thank you for the last time I got your autograph. It was such an awesome experience with you holding my hand. It always will hold a place in my heart.
Misha: holds my hand again and thanks me.

The last panel of the con was again the Jensen Misha panel. I don´t know what they both do before this panel but it was crazy again and lots of fun. It was the one where the fewest questions got answered but that doesn´t matter. Maybe because it is the last panel and there are so many boxes to open left on the stage and they are both happy that the stress of this con is behind them that they goofing around so much. It really doesn´t matter it was just great! Our flight back was on 8 pm so we had to leave on 6pm but we stayed a few extra minutes because we didn´t want to miss a second of this panel and the short closing ceremony.

Overall I had a fantastic time! The staff was always nice and helpful and all the guests were great again. And I can not thank Jared enough for pulling through on Sunday. You could tell that he was in pain but he wrote autograph after autograph on Sunday with the injured shoulder. He had a sling for his arm to put it on rest and don´t move it to much. When he came into the autographroom on Sunday he wore it and the fans go “aww” and he only said “naaa I am fine” but when he had to sit on the chair and removed this thing from his arm you saw in how much pain he really was.

And I wanted to thank Grit, Johanna and Agnes for a wonderful time at this convention. I was such a wonderful time because of you. Because we could share our moments with the guests and with each other together.
And Anja and Melanie thanks to you, too. You always were happy for me when we spoke about our moments with the stars.
And the two older ladies which I got to knew because I was waiting in line for my Jensen photo op. Brenda who were so sweet and helpful to me and encourage me to talk to them. And her friend who was also really supportive. Thank you both!!!
I really like this episode. The MOTW was something new and I would have never thought that she wasn´t the bad guy. So it was a nice surprise that she was helping the guys and her brother was the evil one. I also liked the sheriff and could understand why she was there.
The part at the end was again great writing in my opinion. It was spot on and much needed. Of course I felt bad for Dean especially with the way Jensen was playing it. And I totally can understand why he did the things he did and why he doesn´t see faults in it. But I also can understand where Sam is coming from. After everything he went through in the past with Mystery Spot and Dean dying over and over and over again and then being dead forever. Because of his wish of revenge he became somewhat of a roboter with no human emotions. He even killed Bobby. And then when Dean went to hell for him, again his wish for revenge and his grief over the death of his brother got him addicted to demonblood and started the apocalypse. And now being a angel vessel against his will he killed Kevin. So I get it that he won´t do the same for Dean in the exactly same circumstances as Dean would. He finally learned the lesson that not everything justified the saving of his brother. And especially if this brother would not want to be saved. He didn´t say that he would not do anything for Dean or that he would not give his life for Dean. The only thing he said was that if the roles would be reversed that he would respect Deans wish no matter how hard it would be for him to let Dean go.
In Season three episode 1 after Sam found out what Dean did to bring him back he said to Dean that that was pretty selfish and Dean agreed to it. He even said that he can´t live without Sam so he made the deal. Sam said that now he has to live without Dean and Dean said that he has no problem with that. So not only Dean suffered in hell but Sam also suffered on earth to live without his brother and no way to bring him back. And now Sam tells Dean again that the problem is that Dean can not live alone and Dean acts like he does not know what Sam is talking about. But it is the truth that Deans biggest fear is to be alone. He has to admit this to himself and to Sam so both can work on it. After everything and everyone they have lost over the years this fear of Dean became bigger and bigger. And I can totally understand him because he always wanted for his family to be together and now that he only has Sam left he clings to him like a lifesaver. He has to learn to let Sam go as he did in the season 5 finale. He was capable of it he just has to find his way back to this. And the more freedom he gives Sam the more Sam is willing to stay.
Of course Dean suffered over the sacrifices and was hurt because of them but so was Sam.
In the church Sam was physical and mentally at the end of his powers. So when Dean changed the plan of going through with the trials he trusted his brother to make the right call. Not for him but for the whole situation. It would have been the right decision in the bigger picture for Sam to die but Dean was not ready to let Sam go. Before he knew Sam would die in the progress he said that Sam shouldn´t stop no matter what happens but then he was not ready to pay the price of Sams death.
So the problem right now between the brothers for me is not who loves who more. Because I am sure that Sam loves Dean as much as Dean loves Sam. And that they both would sacrifice each other for the other one. But Dean would do it at all costs no matter the consequences. And Sam would only do it if no innocent outsider would die because of it. It was a hard lesson for Sam as well as it is now for Dean but Sam finally learned that you don´t mess with the natural order.
I believe that Sam did wait so long to tell Dean this harsh truth because he don´t want to hurt Dean like that. You could see it in Sams face how much it hurt him to tell Dean all this. In my Opinion the suggestions and leaving open what the real problem is till now was Sams way of hoping Dean would figure it out by himself so he does not have to hurt him like that. But Sam had told Dean time and time again that he has to let him grow up and let him be a equal partner, who makes good and bad decisions. But Dean doesn´t get the message or can not change who he is at his core so Sam had to put it in harsher words to finally get his point across. If Sam really did not care for Dean he wouldn´t still be with him and wouldn´t search the whole building after the phone call he got from Dean in this episode. He would have left him for good. But no he loves his brother but he also knows that they can not continue like that. They have to work these problems out and become stronger then they ever were.
And what happened with Deans I am so stupid comment to Cas two episodes ago. He said himself that he was stupid to trust an angel and let him possess his brother. If it was the right thing to do why was he feeling so terrible about it and lied about it the whole time if it was such a great thing to do.
I love Dean and I am glad that he is such a protective brother and I really felt bad for him because it has to hurt him to hear this things from his Sammy. After what he went through in the past and having to carry baby Sammy out of the burning house at the age of four it is crystal clear that he cannot change overnight. But he has to work on it to be more of a brother to Sam then his protector. He must find a more balance way to be the big brother who would do anything for Sammy and letting Sammy be his own person with his own decisions.


Review on Supernatural 9x10 Road Trip

Really love this episode.
I have just watched it and I am still a bit overwhelmed like some of you were, too.
I am so glad that Sam is Sam again and that we don´t have to see Gadreel in him again. Of course Jared played it so perfectly but I love Sam and I am glad that we finally see "just" Sam again. And I am even more glad that we got the talk again.
And I am so happy that Sam is pissed at Dean I was so worried that they rush this under the carpet again. I know lots of fans are over the angst and over the fight but I feel it is more realistic for Sam to be pissed at Dean for what he did. That after their talk in the chapter at the end of Season 8 Dean lied again and betrayed his trust it is only normal behaviour that Sam would be dissappointed and pissed.

And I know that Dean leaves because he wants to protect his love ones and because he can not handle the situation but for me it is Dean doing the same mistake again which lead him into this mess. Not respecting Sams thoughts and feelings. No he just decide that it is best when he leaves and goes after Gadreel alone. Not hearing what Sam has to say about this situation.
I know Sam says go but when Dean is gone and he is just standing there you see how heartbroken he is and that he would rather have Dean with him and deal with this situation right now. It would take some time for him to heal and trust Dean again but Dean leaving means he again has no influence of how to deal with these new informations and the situation. No Dean had it all worked out for him again. And he knows that he can not hold him back so he doesn´t put up a fight.

Can I tell you how much I love Crowley and Mark Sheppard in this episode. This is Crowley at his best. Not that brutal guy from Season 8. No! A smartass, clever and slimy and so threatening without any physical harm. Love it!!!

Metratron is getting on my nerves and I would love for Gadreel to use his brain some more. Because if he would do that he would see what a manipulating bastard Metratron is and that killing your best friend can´t be the right thing to do.

I know I was pretty harsh on Dean in the beginning but of course I felt for him during this episode. How could you not? With all this selfblaming and selfhating. Beautiful portrayed from Jensen. And maybe for him to leave would be the best thing for him right now. To get his head cleared and coming to terms with his mistakes. Him watching Sam get tortured broke my heart for him and I wanted to hug him. And I seriously looooove Castiel in this episode. He was such a great friend to Dean and was there for him and supported him and tried to comfort him. Just what Dean needed even if he wasn´t successful on all fronts.


AECON4 Sunday Con report

The Sunday started with standing in line for a Coffee Lounge. But again we had no chance to get a Misha Coffee Lounge. It was already sold out when we arrived but I was hoping for a Matt and Richard Coffee Lounge but ten Minutes later they announced that it was also sold out. I decided to stay in line and try to get at least a Ty Coffee Lounge and this time I was lucky. After that we went to the Matt and Richard panel. It was so much fun! This two together is always a pleasure to watch. Unfortunately I had to leave a bit early because my Ty Coffee Lounge was about to start. Ty was a ball of energy and running around and couldn´t sit still for a minute. He had so much fun because of a new word he had learned at the past evening. Because there was a little kid in the room he played silent post with it. Later he said it at the closing ceremony again (Guten Morgen Mushi). His hyperactive persona made me so nervous that I couldn´t get one single word out. But still I had fun and I could understand almost everything he said. So I still count it as a win.
Then I went to the Autograph room and to my surprise wasn´t really all that crowed. So I went to Kim, Julian, and DJ to get the autographs for my friend Martina who couldn´t be there because she got sick.
Kim was totally sweet and wanted to know where my friend was. When I told her that she was sick at home, she said that it was really sad that she couldn´t meet her and wished her to get better. She wrote: Martina – feel better – sorry to miss you. What a sweetheart she is.

Julian was also wonderful as always.
Julian: Hello Martina
Me: No that is for my friend
Julian: Oh Sorry!
Me: You couldn´t knew.
Julian: Is she here.
Me: No she is sick at home.
Julian: Sorry to hear that. And where is it?
Me: In the near of cologne.
Julian: That is not to far but still.
Julian wrote “Martina – best wishes – Julian Richards.
Me: Thank you

This time DJ said: Hello Sweetheart! and Bye Darling. So it was better than the day before but still I have to think about something for next time to say to him.

Next was my Misha + Ty photo
I wanted a sandwich photo with me in the middle hugging Misha and Ty hugging me. And that is what I got. They were both nice and look really good in the picture. I look like I am in heaven and maybe because it truly felt like it. smile

After the lunch break it got hectic because my Richard + Matt photo should be from 14:45 – 15:30 and I still had to go to my Misha autograph which was at 14:30 – 16:15. I was a little worried because the line for Misha was every time that I was in the autograph room with him one of the longest ones. And the Richard + Matt photo started late with 15:00 o´clock. Fortunately the line was moving fast but you still could do poses with them. Two people in front of me I hear d the photograph saying “no more hugs” and I though ”shit why not” and was wondering if I had missed something because Matt and Richard were having fun a lot. The woman before me got a sandwich hug and the two of them were totally okay with it which confused me even more. So I didn´t know what to do if I could hug Matt or not. So I started with Richard and asked him if he could do the trickster pose and he said sure and when I turned to Matt he was laughing out loud about what he did in the photo before me. When he finally saw me he said “sorry what?” and I said he (pointing to Richard) doing the trickster pose and we look like what are you doing, which wasn´t really what I wanted. But at this point I was totally overwhelmed with confusion and shyness and standing between these two gorgeous men. So in the photo Richard doing the trickster pose and Matt is laughing at him with his finger pointing to Richard. And me standing there awkwardly and just touching Matt because I was afraid to asked for a hug. I thanked them and wanted to go but Richard said stop “I gave her the finger and I find it to dirty.” So I had to go back between them and now I not only stand there awkwardly but with a red face to top it all. And again I said thank you and left. Afterwards I got what had happened Matt and Richard hugged every fan after the photo and that hugging had to stop. But I didn´t get that during the photo. Originally I wanted to hug Matt and look like “oh my God, what will happen now” and Richard doing the trickster pose. But now I have Richard doing the trickster pose and Matt laughing and me standing there near Matt. My mom said that it looks like I am whispering something into Matt´s ear. So afterall I am okay with this picture. It is so strange that it is cool. Even if I didn´t know what I was doing.
With this confusion still in my mind I went to Mark for the autograph. There were only one/two fans in front of me. So I got the picture and the thing you have to give the staff to get your autograph and gave it to her.
Mark: Hello Martina!
Me thinking “shit I gave him the wrong card.”
Mark writes “Martina – Mark Sheppard.
I grap the picture and say thanks and run to the photo sale again. They were only a few pictures left of him but I got a new one. I went back to him still nobody in line.
Me: Hi again – I got you the wrong card.
Mark: My pleasure!
Me: smiling big time “thank you”

And then came one of the best moments of this con – my Misha Autograph!
There were enough fans in line before me so that I could calm down a little bit.
Misha: Hello do you have a fun time.
Me: Yeah thank you! And I wanted to thank you for being so great in Rom. Because of Jared and you two…all of you were so great and wonderful and helpful. During the photo ops and everything just thank you it helped so much.
During my little speech or rambling Misha took my hand with both of his hands and hold it and looking me in the eyes and giving me his full attention and a look that was so full of love and understanding. I don´t know how I was even able to keep speaking. When I finished he said “thank you!” and squeezed my hand and did hold eye contact a moment longer. Then he let go and asked me if I wanted some chocolate. Which I took with the words “if you asked me like this. Yes, thank you.”
Again it was such a small thing to do for him but still it means the world to me and I will always keep this moment in my heart.

After that there was only the Misha Panel who was a lot of fun as always. After sometime it turned it to the closing ceremony and everything came to an end.
When all of them left the panel room some lucky girls got a hug from Misha before they disappeared in the hallway.

Fazit: Maybe it was not the best con ever but with the interaction with the stars especially Richard and Misha (and in some ways Julian) it will always have a special place in heart. And I would be sad if it would be the last con in Germany.


AECON 4 Saturday Con Report

I had an awesome experience during the AECON4. As you already have heard the Friday was chaotic as always but this time the blame can not fully go to RE because the room they had planned to do the registration was blocked till 17 o`clock and the registration should have started on this time. Then they wanted to do it in the Lobby which the hotel didn´t wanted the people. So the hotel personal told the fans to go downstairs and let RE deal with the consequences of having 750 fans there to organize in that moment. Unfortunately a few people b efore me the meet&greet got sold out. I wanted to console me with a Misha Coffee Lounge but no chance at all being in a different hotel then the convention was hold.
But still I had a really great experience – especially because of Richard and Misha. And of course traveling with my friends and being there together and meeting Anja1708 occasionally.
The Saturday started a whole lot better then the Friday because I had a Matt Coffee Lounge which I bought spontaneously 10 minutes before it started. And I don´t regret it at all. Matt could have not being cuter and nicer. He was so perfect and so nearby – two seats away from me – that I had absolutely nothing to say to him. Which was a little sad because he kept looking in my direction more then once but I failed on that. But still he took a photo of us and tweeted it and I got a wonderful hug from him at the end. What a sweetheart!!!

After that we had to hurry to get to our Richard photo op but we made it in time.
My friend Johanna and I decided to take a picture together with him. We wanted to do a sandwich photo with Richard in the middle. So we went to him and said “Sandwich?” and he said “Sure” but he didn´t get it the way we wanted it to happen. So he stood there with his front turned to the photograph and his arms open so that each one of us could go to one side of him. But that was not how we wanted it. As nobody of us was moving he said: “One of you must come to this side.” And we said “No” and my friend tried to explain him what we wanted him to do. And I slowly put my hands on his shoulders (so that if he didn´t wanted it – he had time to react) and tried softly to pull him in the right direction. I wouldn´t have the nerves to do it with anybody else of the guests. But Richard looked like he doesn´t mind and is always so friendly that I just did it. By doing that Richard got it and said “Oh now I get it!”. So now Richard is turned to me and hugging me and my friend Johanna is hugging him from the other side. And all three of us are smiling like there is no tomorrow! We said thank you and left.

After that I had my two Misha Photo Ops taken. (I had to make up for the missing CL ) . My concentration was on what I wanted out of the pics – so that when Misha asked me “how I was?” I failed again and just said “hug from behind”. Another masterpiece of my mind! I like the photo and how I look in it but then came the second one and I don´t like me at all. Misha looks perfect with his Puppy dog eyes but I wasn´t ready to take the picture but the photographs took it anyway.

Then I went to the Autographs and I got better at talking with the guests and interact. Maybe because I started with Kim and she was so nice and had such a calming affect on me. I had a bad headache this morning and when Kim asked me how I felt I told her that. And she was so cute and like a true mother she said: “ I know that feeling, honey. Get some water in you. It helps a lot. I nod and said: You are my favorite female actress on the show…(and the last part is spoilerish so skip to the next paragraph if you don´t want to know.)
and I hope so much that you don´t die in the finale.
Kim: Thank you – I hope so, too.
Me: I really hope sooo!!!
Kim: Thank you.

Next was Ty and I don´t know why but I wasn´t really nervous around him at all. (Unfortunately it changed in the CL and I didn´t get a word out again). I went to the JIB4 and wanted to thank all of them who were there, for being so great and putting so much extra effort into everything after Jared had to leave. It helped me a lot to make it still a fun experience and I wanted to let them know how much that meant to me. So here is how it went.
TY: Hello Marion – Maid Marion!
Me: Smiling
TY: How you doing?
Me: A little headache but otherwise ok.
TY: I am not super-duper either.
Me: I wanted to thank you for being so great in Rom. Putting so much extra effort into it because of Jared. And it help a lot.
TY: Aww that is so sweet of you to say that. Thank you.
Me: Thank you.
Ty writing “You R so sweet “ on my Autographs and smiles beautifully and gives it back to me.
Me: Thank you.
Ty: Thank you Sweety and Bye.

I was dying there because he was so nice and friendly and he looked like it meant something to him too - me tell him that.

The next one was Julian which is a wonderful human being. He took the time to chat some words with every person in front of him and was such a pleasure to be around. He was so lovely that I decided to go to his coffee lounge. But first his autograph.
Julian: Hello Marion – oh Marion! (He said it like my name was something special. I don´t know why he seemed to be so fascinated by it.)
Me: Hi
Julian: How are you?
Me: I have a headache. Otherwise I am ok.
Julian: Yeah it is really warm in here.
Me: Yes
Julian writes “Marion!” Best Julian Richards and gives it back to me and says: Hope you get well soon.
Me: Thank you!

Rick Worthy was the next one which was a little disappointing because he talked with everyone before me and when it was my turn, he shakes my hand and says: Oh Marion! I had another Marion right before. And this Marion was standing in the line behind me.
Rick: Do you know her?
Me turning around and saying: “Just from this convention.”
And the other Marion starts talking with him about it being a rare name and something like that. And the two talked and again I didn´t have anything on my mind to say to that. So when I put his attention back to me at least I got to say that I loved his voice and he thank me for it.
The last one for this morning was DJ and it was uneventful with just a Hi and Bye from him.

The only panel I got to watch on this day was a tiny piece of Marks because he made 15 minutes longer. After him was the lunchbreak and he said that he doesn´t have to be elsewhere so he will be a bit longer on the stage. As always it was great and Mark was his usually grumpy loveable self. And I got to watch the whole Ty panel which was also fun but I had problems to understand him after of the time.

After the lunch I got my Ty photo which I really love. Because I like myself in it (which is not always the case) and Ty pretends to kiss me and has a priceless look on his face. I am usually to shy to asked something like that from the actors. But Ty is so easygoing and fun and friendly that I took the risk and it definitely worked out.

That being the last photo for the day I went back to get my Autographs from Misha, Mark, Matt and Richard. This time you could not buy a photo with all of them together on it, which for me was really sad and surprising. Especially looking back on the other 3 cons as there always was one. But there were black and white photos for each guest. Only that afternoon Misha and Marks photos were sold out so we had nothing for them to write on and had to wait for the next day to get their autograph.

For Matt there were only 3 people lining up before me so that I did not have to wait at all. Yippie!!
Matt: Hi
Me: Hi
Matt writes Marion and a heart and his signature.
Me: I wanted to thank you for being so great in Rome which Jared couldn´t be there, it helped a lot.
Matt: Thank you! I am glad that you still had a good time.
Me: Yeah, thank you .

For Richards Autograph I had to wait a bit longer but it was soooo worth it. I love him and when he is at a con where I am I always buy a photo op and an autograph. And he is always so lovely, polite, funny and just great overall. So this time he somehow remembered me. – Walking on cloud number seven!!!
Richard: You again – always a pleasure.
Me: smiling
Me: I wanted to thank you for being so great in Rom. Because Jared couldn´t be there, you were so great in the photo ops and everything during it and it helped so much, you being so great.
And Richard was looking straight into my eyes the whole time and I believe he was a little bit touched by my outburst and bubbling about him being so great.
Richard: Thank you its my pleasure and the least I can do.
Then he wrote “thank you for being so great” on my autograph picture.
Me: Thank you
Richard: Thank you Sweety and take care.

Again nothing spectacular happened but it means the world to me. That he took the time to stop everything he was doing and just looking in my eyes and listen so intensely and making it feel like he and I were the only people in the room.

Oh I am mixing things up already the Julian Coffee Lounge was before the autographs. He is such a wonderful person. And he had an awesomely calming effect on me that I could ask him some questions during his Coffee Lounge. He told us that when he was younger that he was an exchange student in Bonn. So I asked him if he could speak some german words. And he said: as every terrible british person he could not speak one single word. But he said it in such a funny way that you couldn´t be mad or something with him.  Then someone else asked him what he has coming up next. And he told us that he was part of the new Superman movie which starts in June this year. So I asked him what part he plays in it. And again he told a fun fact that he as he was younger hadn´t read any superman comics and because of that he can`t remember the name of his character. But that he would be the head of qualls???. I am not into Superman and did not understand what he said at that point. But he continued and said that in the Marlon Brando Version it were portrayed as clouds and that he would be one of these clouds. He also told us that he loved the german beer and sausage and bicycle riding. Again I was able to say something , I was so proud of myself.    That he should visiting Münster because it is the bicycle town number one in Germany. He asked if it was big or small and I said that it was a middle town. Someone else said that he also should go to Freiburg because it is forbidden to drive with the car in the inner city. He was impressed by that and said that it was an unique concept. At the end I asked him if he prefers comic roles or dramatic ones and he said that with his looks he always gets the bad guy roles. But that he tries with some funny wits to mix it up a little bit. Unfortunately time was running out to fast and it didn´t went much further then this. But it was a really wonderful and joyful and interesting Coffee Lounge and I would did it again in a heartbeat. He definitely won me over at this convention.
That was the Saturday and the Sunday will be up soon….


Jus in Bello - Conreport 2013

This will not be a report about what happened in the panel and who said what and when. Instead it will be my thoughts and experience with the guests during the con, the photo ops and the autographs. I hope you will still enjoy it!

For the first time I had the pleasure to attend the JIB con in Rom and I don´t regret it at all. As I am a big Jared Fan I was pretty heartbroken when I heard that he had to leave in the night from Friday to Saturday. Especially as it is the third time in a row that I attended a con to see Jared and he had canceled it. Don´t get me wrong I don´t blame him for leaving in such a hurry because it is what I would have done myself if I had a serious family emergency. But it was really sad and on Saturday morning I was fighting with the tears and losing the battle. Sure I was disappointed but also worried what had happened. Which leads me to the wonderful fans – our own little spn family – I was standing in line to get the photo ops changed and everyone around me was so nice and carrying and at an open ear for my sorrows. It really felt like a family who was there for each other. And the staff of the JIB could not have being nicer and more helpful. They gave you the time to sort everything out which Photo ops you would like to get in reverse of the Jared, J2 and Trio ones.
The other guests were amazing and out did themselves to make up for Jared absence. Jensen and Misha looked really tired at the end of the weekend and I felt bad for them to have almost no breaks during the day because of how much more work they had to do after Jared left. I loved them before but now I truly have a new level of love and respect for them in my heart. The panel with the two of them together in it was one of the highlights of the con for me. I laughed so much and had such an amazing time – it was pure entertainment gold!!!

After I got my Jared stuff changed I had photo ops with 2x Richard, 1x Richard + Rob, 1x Matt + Ty, 1x Matt, 1x Ty, 1x Sebastian, 1x Jensen and 1x Jensen + Misha . And not an idea of what to do with all of them. In the end I made almost with everyone a “hug from behind” picture. And I really like them a lot. They all look so sweet and even I look not to bad on them. 
I will not describe every single photo op because most of them were the same.
Guest: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good thank you.
Can we do a hug from behind picture?
Guest: Sure! Put the arms really gentle around me.
Me: thank you – and left.
I felt like in heaven in their strong arms and have a lovely time doing it.

But some of them were really special to me.

Richards Photo Ops.
Richard: Hello how are you?
Me: mmmh good (it was pretty close to the Jared announcement so good was a lie but I did not want Richard to feel bad.)
I think that Richard still saw and knew that it was not how I really felt (because in the pic you still can see that I had cried before not to much but it is there) and look to me like - its okay I understand you.
We then made a hug from behind pic. Which was sweet because seriously Richard is just so loveable.
Then I had another one but did not know what to do and I told Richard exactly that. And he said: We can do another hug? And I said okay. He then pulled me in and my cheek touch his soft beard and it was a wonderful feeling again. And I thank him and he thank me and I left.
Even if nothing special happened I felt better after it.
Just Richards kindness and silent support was helping me a lot.

Jensen+Misha photo Op:
Me: Sandwich?
Jensen looking at me with his beautiful eyes and a little smile on his face. Sure!
I believe Misha did the same but I am not sure anymore because I was focusing on Jensen. Blame me  I put my arms around his waist and put my head at his chest – which I usually forget to do – and just enjoy the moment.
After I saw the picture Jensen looks good but I really love Misha in it because he leans on me but in a very gentle way and I regret that I did not paid more attention to him during the photo. 

Matt and Ty photo Op:
Ty is such a sweetheart and he totally won me over during this con. He always was there and tried to give the fans as much time with him as possible. The few meters between the photo op room and Autograph room and Green room where filled with fans on each side who were waiting for someone to come out or go in. And Ty was there even if he didn´t have to walk that floor. He was waving and laughing with the fans almost every free second he had. And not in an attention seeking way but in a sweet loveable way.
In my single photo op with him a got a wonderful hug from him and wanted to do it again in this one. And Matt should have looked pissed. But my friend went before me and did the same thing. I did not like the way Matt looked in it so I changed my plan and got a hug from Matt and Ty looks pissed off.
And it was a great choice. Matt looks fantastic like “yeah – she is mine” and Ty looks so pissed off like he told me he would. Love it!

But my favorite is the Richard + Rob photo op.
My friends got me a single Rob photo op and I wanted to do a photo with him fighting over toilet paper. But when I was in line for his photo I forgot about it and went with a hug pic. But this was my second chance and I took it. I got a role of toilet paper of one of the toilets there and went in with it. And Rob saw it, smiled and said amused: Toilet paper!
Me: Yeah!
Richard: What is up with that?
Rob: I had a scene in the future where I said the line: Save all the toilet paper you can get in the present. Because in the future it is hard to get.
Richard: Oh!
Me to Rob: Can we fight over it?
Me to Richard: And you look like - really?
Rob: Yeah of course
Richard: How else would I look?
Rob takes the role and gives me the rolled off end and he has the rest of the role. “Look at the camera.”
After the photograph took the photo Rob looks me in the eyes and says: “Good acting, good acting. I felt good doing it.” and I don´t know what to say or do and just stares at him. And he says “oh come here” and gives me a big hug. I only could get a genuine thank you out and left. I was really touched after that and again fighting with the tears but this time – happy tears.

I only had one autograph and that was with Jensen.
I love Jensen with all my heart and he was really great during this convention. You could tell what a great friend Jared has in him and he made sure that we knew that Jared was so sorry that he had to leave and you also could tell that he missed him, too. He did his best to talk as much about Jared as possible so that we Jared fans felt a little bit like he was there in one way or the other. You could see how tired he was and still he tried to cheer us up and make it an amazing experience for us.
I asked him a question during the panel “If he learned from Dean to pick a lock or if it is just movie magic” and he – as always – holds eye contact the entire time and did the best to answer this question. That it is difficult and that he tried it and got it but most of the time he or Jared has the key in that scene. If he has the key he throw him away or if Jared has him he put him in his trousers pocket. It was just great.
But my moment with him at the autograph session was a little bit disappointing. As I said before his was my only autograph and I wanted to asked him if he could sign it for a friend of mine who couldn´t be there at a birthday present. I had not finished my sentence yet and Daniela told me annoyed “no signature”. I had not read about it or had an autograph before that so I did not know it. After that I finished my sentence and looked at Jensen if he had something to say about it. Daniela said a little bit nicer this time that they can not make an exception because then everyone wants one. I still looked at Jensen who had not said a word til then and hoped for a Sorry or something like that but instead I got a fan behind me say really loud NO means NO. So I turned around and left. Sure Jensen looked apologetic and maybe I was the hundert person who asked him that and he was annoyed to. But would it have killed him if he had said “Sorry!”. That would have been enough for me to make it still a good moment – a sign that he cared at all.
But still I love him and I know he had a really tough weekend with worrying about Jared, Gen and their family and still trying to make this convention a wonderful time for the fans.
So in the end – even without Jared – it was so worth it and a huge thank you for that belongs to the awesome guests and the wonderful and helpful staff from the JIB and the SPN family.

Aecon3 - a fan report

For all the people who will read this. Is is not so much about what was said in each panel but more about what I experienced when meeting the actors. If you are still interested I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

I had a really great weekend at the AECon3..
I've been to all three German conventions but this was by far the best.
At first I was very disappointed that Jared has canceled, but in retrospective I found it not so bad as there was a more relaxed atmosphere and I was not focused only on one person. Instead I was just happy about all the guests who were there. I have also felt that all the guest tried their hardest to give us a beautiful con even if Jared was missing.

First, all started as it should be any different with Roque Events (RE) very chaotic. On Friday I had not noticed that much of the registration, as we arrived quite late at the hotel and everything had already run its course. Of course, there was again a lot of queues but with nice fans around you the time passed quickly.

The start on Saturday morning then, was very annoying as we had to wait an hour for the entry in the Main Hall and then they had to give up the Opening Ceremony to be back on schedule time. But when Sebastian came with his Porn to be alive (instead of born to be alive) on the stage, that was already forgotten. In my opinion they could not have found anyone better, for opening the Con. Sebastian was in great moodt and I laughed a lot. From the beginning there was a good atmosphäre and all gloomy or annoyed thoughts vanished in no time.
Of course, it was pretty sexual with him but I still found it in a humorous context. There was this fan, who came from Danemark and when Sebastian asked her what they say as welcome she said Hi. Now everytime someone stepped at the microphone and that “Hi” Sebastian said "you are danish" It was the running gag during his panel and I found it hilarious especially with the different reactions from the fans who did it.
After his panel I already had my first photo. I had been thinking for months that I would like a photo with Misha where he carries me. As I stood in line for my Sebastian photo I thought I could try with Sebastian, and if it looks like shit I could think of something else for the Misha one which was more important for me..

The whole thing then went like this.

Me: Hello, can you carry me maybe?

Sebastian: Sure? brief moment of pause and then the question “ready?”

Me: Yes

and then in no time I was already up. At that moment it didn´t matter how it would look like in hindsight, because it felt so gooood. because of that, it was worth it. Then he took me down again and smiled at me again and I was like thanks.

thank you

And what can I say, the photo turned out really cute.

I am so glad that this time we had enough time to tell the guests what we wanted to do in the photoshoot. And no one was shouting how we should leave the room before we really were in it (like it happened with J2 and the solo photos with them.)
Next was my Matt Cohen Photo. Here I had one with my girlfriend and one alone. First there was my friend on it and then I came to her. We confused Matt a little, because he did not know exactly what we wanted from him. We wanted to do a bodyguard pose. My friend and I standing like Bodyguard with crappy look and he should look scared.

We: Can we do the bodyguard pose?

confused look by Matt

We then tried to show him what we mean with the Bodyguard pose - crossing our arms - and you look scared

scared? more confused look by Matt

yes scared - ok

we were absolutely not sure if he understood us but we were hoping for the best.

And again I was / we were lucky, because the picture were really cool.. I've got the right expression on my face in the last moment and Matt's facial expression is just totally awesome.

Then I had my single photo with him where I've asked him if we could hug. And because he is a total sweetheart he had no problems with it. When I hugged him I was like, Oh my God the man has indeed absolutely no waist. Although he is so muscular he was super slim in that area and ... oh yes ... gush.

Then I had some time before I had my photo with Jim M. and went to the autographs.

Fortunately again not much cueing before we got into the room.
Mark Sheppard was the first sitting and I love this guy! He is just totally amazing and so cool. Last year I sadly could not get a single word out by him and totally regretted it afterwards. That's why I had made up my mind that this should be better this year. And I must say I've did very well – at least I think so…LOL.

Me: Hello - Can I asked you what it's like to work with Christian Kane?

Mark: Oh Christian! He is a buddy of mine. I like him a lot.
Do you like him a lot?

Me: Yeeeeah!

Mark grinned: He is a lot of fun and its great to work with.

Me: Thank you.
You are great in both series.

Mark: Thank you much appreciated.

Then I went to Mark Pellegrino. I must say that his presence and his aura intimidates me a bit each time. Also he is a lovely guy..

Mark: Hello
Me: Hello
Thank you for coming.

Mark: Thank you for having me.
Whats your name?

Me: Marion

Mark Marianne?

Me: No Marion
I showed him my autographsheet where my name was written on..

He then was so cute and wrote “Love you”.Mark Pellegrino.

Steve Williams, I did not expect much of him but the autograph with him was funny.

The woman before me had the name Charline and that name had him confused a little. So he said to her: You got me confused for a minute.
When it was my turn, I said my name and that it was easier..

Me: Easier name.

Steve shot right back at me with: Easy name - complicated woman.
I was only able to respond with I hope not, because I did not expect something like that.

There were also Jim Beaver but his line was already so long that I had not the time to cue for him without missing my photo with Jim Michaels. So I went to cue for the other Jim. What was going really fast, because only about 20 people wanted to take pictures with him.

Before the convention, I thought, oh, what does he want there. But then I had read in other con reports that he were so nice and everything that I thought for 13 € you can not go wrong. Hallelujah! The man blew me away. He was a total loveable, sweet and funny guy! He was my pleasant surprise at the convention. He took the time to talk with everyone right before the photo ops.. I must say, this man has captured my heart by storm.

My friend had bought him a gift and I should pass it on to him during the photo.

Jim: Hi I m Jim and kindly stretched out his hand for me to shake it.

Me: Of course, shaking his hand and gave him the bag from my friend, saying Hi this is from a friend of me for you.

Jim: Awww thank you-that is great. Oh cool thank you I will put it here. Then he put the bag gently on the window sill.

Then he looked at me expectantly, because what I wanted to have for a photo.
Me: Can we maybe hug.

Jim: Of course

Me: thank you

He has become so bent forward that we were face to face.
One of my favorite pictures of this Con.

After that, I have only seen the end of Matt and Carrie's panel. This had Matt once again running around and Carrie was on the stage. In the short time I had the impression as if Carrie did not know exactly what she should do on stage, but Matt was super sweet.

After lunch we went to Misha's panel. The man is amazing. I love him. His panel was just typical Misha. I laughed a lot and just enjoyed it. What strikes me with him again and again is the difference between his stage person and his Meeting during Autograph/ photo-ops-person. On stage you have to be very brave to ask him a question. But once you meet him at the other times he could not be sweeter. He tries to give you the best possible moment. He tries to make even the most stupid and akward poses with you. Tries to exchange a few words with you and tries to help you to overcome your nerves. Although he unfortunately was probably a little sick (at his autograph table were Neo angin and aspirin), he did his best to not show it.

Here after, it was time for the next photo. This time with Mark Sheppard. I remember that we laughed and that when I left the room thought - how beautiful it was. But unfortunately I have absolutely no clue what actually happened anymore.

Afterwards, Mark was on the stage and super-relaxed. Again and again he gave us quarreled with the fact that he would so love to talk about the episode and if he dies or not. But since we have not seen the episode yet, he could not do this. He has given us 24 hours, "grace period" and than he would talk about it even if we still have not watched it - too bad!

So when Mark Pellegrino came on stage I could see only the beginning, unfortunately, because I had to go to my photo op with Jim Beaver. He is and remains the Papa Bear wants to be simply adorable. I had taken his book and wanted to have a research pose. The book open before us, and we both look up from it.

Me: Can we do research and look up from it.
Jim: Sure

Again at the last moment I realize that I actually should also look up.
Luckily, the photographer was so nice and waited until I had sorted myself.
Then Jim looks at me - as if to say, good idea. (At least I imagining it ... lol)

Jim's gaze and facial expression in this photograph is unique. A little quirky but so cool!
In addition, he had put his finger into the book as a mark of where he stop reading.

Then, I went to see the rest of Mark Pellegrino panel. The man has an amazing voice. I could listen to him for hours - even if he would read the phone book.

Speaking of phone book with Sebastian Roche Coffee Lounge had the exact same thing someone said to Sebastian. Then Sebastian asked us about a common name with A and a fan has answered "Miller." General laughter and then Sebastian had his little fun with it.

After Marks Panel Jim Beaver came to the stage. He has answered all the questions once again excellent. His jokes made with canola fields, and similar and was very informative. Even the question of who it is harder to work with Jensen and Jared, he has answered. I had already figured out that he would cheat like everyone else, but I was wrong he took the question and answered it really serious and very well.
He said that the two guys are great. Both great actors. And if they take the matter seriously they know their craft. But there are also moments where they do not take it seriously, then it can sometimes be difficult. Jared more then Jensen. He continued then with a allegory.
He has compared himself with a German sheppard, which is sitting at the campfire and doing nothing. Then there are the favorite hunting dog, who says "yes we do that now - show me a duck" and that's probably Jensen. Well, and then there's the puppy, which is always excited and can´t stay still - which of course is Jared. And so it could be difficult at times to do dramatic scenes with Jared - because he is a puppy! But he really likes them both and has a great fun time with them.

Unfortunately I had to leave early again because I then had my Misha Collins photo. And as mentioned before, he was just wonderful. As I had seen my Sebastian photo by now, I wanted to be carried by Misha.

Misha: hello
Me: Hello
can you maybe carry me?

Misha: carry?

Me: yes - I showed him with my arms what I meant and he got it.
Misha: Oh yeah sure

Me: How

He grabbed me and in no time I was back up again. This time I rested my head at his shoulder and enjoyed it. Then he'd drop me off totally gentle. It was more then cute. I thank him wholeheartedly because he was just super nice and friendly.
thank you soooo much!

Then he smiled at me and gave me a wink with his eye.

After the rest of Jim's panel my friends and I went to eat something finally. Then at half past eight Jason's concert started. This time I went with my friends - right in front of the stage, where we sat on the floor. Even though you might not like his music (also I love it especially all the new songs) I find that the atmosphere during the concert is something quite special. And as a special highlight, as always, Hallelujah and Crazy Love.

Sometime in the afternoon I picked up my Sebastian Roche autograph. First, we searched the room, because no one knew so precisely where Misha and Sebastian sat. When we finally found them, we came in quickly, because the lady at the door had asked for people who only needed Sebastian..

Sebastian: Hello again
Me: Hello
thank you for coming.

Sebastian: no thank you for coming
Me: your panel was fantastic
Sebastian: no you were fantastic.
thank you

He came across as super friendly and I would have gladly talked longer with him.
I couldn´t wait for the Misha Autograph because some other stuff happened at the same time.

At the end of the day my friends and I watched the episode together. It was great because usually we live to far away to watch it together. So we really enjoyed it. After that we were tired as hell and gone right to bed but also we were super happy!

The next morning was a bit unfortunate again, as both Marks were on stage the same time as the Misha / Sebastian photo took place. Sadly for me I could only follow parts of the panel but the photo was the highlight of the weekend for me.. The beginning of the panel alone was totally awesome with Mark P. walking into the audience sitting down to a fan and asked her whether she had a question for Mark S. And yes she had: - If Mark S. thinks that England has a chance to become European champion in football. Mark S. laughed and repeated the question, and said that with Portugal, Spain, and someone else, it would be really difficult for England and that even Brazil was more like to become the European champion then England. After that the conversation continued for some time about football and I'd throw away myself from laughing. Unfortunately I had to leave the room and still rush to the photo. And like every year there is a moment during the Con where I fail and I am totally overwhelmed with the guests in front of me. And that moment came just now. I had previously been unable to decide what pose I wanted to do with the two. Whether I "only" wanted to be hugged or something funny or hugging one and the other looks offended. Then I came into the room and all the stuff done before me have been totally brilliant. One was carried so that Sebastian has taken the legs, and Misha the upper body. As the others have made Crazy poses or amazingly cute poses. And I was just thinking every time. How cool! Then it was my turn and had no plan. Sebastian looks at me and says. "How are you?" And I only say ..... uhhh ... goood uhhh fine. I went between the two, since I do not want to stop the line.Then Sebastian also said "fine?" as if he wanted to say, are you sure? But I could not answer, because there was utter emptiness in my brain. I just thanked them or not I am not entirely sure and went away. When I was behind the door, I just thought - What was that please? you totally lost it and this photo will not look good at all. Is can not be true and happing right now.. I briefly returned to the Mark / Mark panel but I could not concentrate. Then I decided to buy me another photo. I quickly went upstairs bought me another one. The last-- thanks to Wayne, it was still possible. I hurried back down and was pretty much right back into the photo op room. I tried to give myself a pep talk and thought that Misha and Sebastian must think that I am crazy. But if I don´t do it now I will forever regret this.
Then it was my turn again and Sebastian says: Oh, you again? With a friendly grin on his face. I do not know if Misha has also said something because he was standing to my left.

Me: Yeah I wanted to try again.

I want to hug you - pointing with an outstretched arm and index finger in the direction of Misha -
and you look scared or sad or angry it's up to you - pointing with an outstretched arm and index finger in the direction of Sebastian.

Both have a smile on their face and say: okay

Then I went to Misha and hugged him - but unfortunately (or not), I looked towards the wall instead of the photograph. I've noticed it and only thought “shit there is the wall.” So I turned my face around and looked in the direction of the photograph. She kindly waited for me again. Then Misha said either "the best" or Sebastian, I have no idea. Unfortunately I had to let loose of Misha. It felt so wonderful smile ... I thanked them again and left the room..

And what shall I say Sebastian is totally super awesome in the photo. He looks as if to say. wtf why did she take him if she could have me. So damn cool! (Sorry but it fits perfectly what I was feeling.)

Then Jim was on stage and this time I could enjoy it all. Then the Misha / Sebastian panel started and I once again laughed tears. First, Misha was a bit quiet and let Sebastian have the spotlight, but then it got a lot of questions for him and he has found his groove. When Matt Cohen crashed the panel it was perfect. Ironically, right in that moment my memory card was full and I had to delete some pictures to get some photos of this group of good looking men. LOL.

After that quickly scurried back to the autographs, from Jim Michaels and Matt Cohen..

Since that photo with Jim M. has become so super nice, I wanted to have his signature on it.

Me: Hello again
Jim: Hello
Jim looks at the photo and says: “Look at that”- so full of excitement.
Me: Yeah it's so cute.
Jim wants to sign in the upper corner and I asked him to write more at the bottom.
Jim: Okay then I will write on my ass.
Me smiling.

To Marion
thank you all for your support of Supernatural
Much love
Jim Michaels

He read it out loud so that I knew what it said, although he has written very clearly.
I have thanked me again and went over to Matt Cohen.

Matt: Hi
Me: Hi
thank you for coming

Matt: thank you for having me
Whats your name?

He then spelled it but he was to quick for me to understand.

Me: sorry to quick

He then tried it again - totally love that the guy has so much patients with me. -
I gave him my autographsheet with my name on it.
He then wrote my name with a heart underneath – Awww so cute!

After lunch I was in the Sebastian Roche Coffee Lounge. Here, too, you could experience that Sebastian is different on the stage then the Sebastian in a smaller group. It was not nearly as dirty as his panel and you could talk really nicely with him. Here I have also asked a question he unfortunately did not really understood. Actually, I just wanted to know what really is there in his glass when he drinks a vodka or Scott as Balthazar. This has led to some confusion with him since he first did not know if I meant Balthazar or him personally. Then he said that no alcohol is allowed on set and that something different is in the glass. So I asked again what it was then? Cola for many, but since he does not drink cola, it is tea or when it as to be something clear it is just water.. Although it has taken longer but I still got my answer. yeah! LOL

After that it was time for some cueing again - Misha's and Jim's autograph.

Misha was the first one and as all the other times this weekend, was super nice, attentive and so loveable.

Misha: hello again
Me: hello
Misha: Do you have fun?
Me: Yeah - mostly because of you and the wonderful photo ops.
Misha: aww glad you enjoyed it.
I had fun with you, too
Me: what? - He just talked too fast I could not understand it.
Misha: I had fun with you, too.
Me: Oh, thank you

After about 45 minutes later I finally stood in front of Jim Beaver. I had brought his book to sign for him. He made an arrow under the title, written with warm regards in german. But first he asked me my name and if I was German. And then wrote for Marion also in german. Before I left I thanked him for his cool look in my photo op and he said "wonderful in german". You just have to love the guy!

Then I had the opportunity to finally see Jim Michaels on stage. Unfortunately again it was almost the end, but he was soooo nice and funny. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet this guy and got to know him a tiny bit.

The only one who could not convince me was Steve Williams. In its first panel, I got the impression that he is slightly arrogant and the next day that he was a preacher. The best part of his second panel was that Jim Michaels has crashed it and was able to coax a few funny stories out of Steve. And of course them singing carry on my wayward son. even if Jim almost sang it alone.

After that Dougie the moderator told us that there would not be a closing ceremony. My friend and I went to our other friends who were still in line for the Jim Beaver autograph. But they were so annoyed with all the waiting and that we would not get a closing ceremony that they decided we should leave and find something to eat.
After some time we decided that we can´t leave like that and that we should go back and at least say goodbye to the hotel and everything. When we came back the line for Jim was not so long like before so we started cueing again. We then heard that they changed their mind and there was a closing ceremony after all and that we missed it.

But thanks to Misha, we still got a small closing ceremony - so to speak. As we stood there and waited, he came in and said goodbye to Jim. Then again, he stopped in the middle of the room and said kindly goodbye tothe remaining fans. Then my friend got her autograph and a hug from Jim and finally we could leave happy and content.

I very much hope that we get a fourth German Convention. For me, this time it was nearly perfect as almost everything worked out.. I had a wonderful time and I congratulate all who have made it to the end of this post.

Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes I did my very best!


AECon3 - ein Fan Bericht

Ich hatte ein wahnsinnig tolles Wochenende bei der AECon3.
Ich war bei allen drei deutschen Conventions aber diese hier war mit Abstand die Beste.
Zuerst war ich auch sehr enttäuscht, dass Jared abgesagt hat, aber im Nachhinein fand ich es gar nicht mal so schlimm, da dadurch eine relaxtere Atmosphäre herrschte und ich nicht nur auf eine Person fokussiert war. Sondern ich habe mich einfach nur gefreut über alle die da waren. Außerdem hatte ich das Gefühl, dass sich alle Gäste noch mehr Mühe gegeben haben als sonst.

Zuerst fing alles wie sollte es auch anders sein bei RE, sehr chaotisch an. Am Freitag habe ich nicht so viel von der Registrierung mitbekommen, da wir erst ziemlich spät im Hotel eintrafen und alles schon seinen Lauf genommen hatte. Natürlich gab es wieder jede Menge Warteschlangen aber mit netten Fans um einen herum verging die Zeit dann doch noch schnell.

Der Beginn am Samstag morgen war dann doch sehr nervig, da wir eine Stunde auf den Einlass in die Main Hall warten mussten und dann auch noch auf die Opening Ceremony verzichten mussten. Doch sobald Sebastian mit seinem Porn to be alive auf die Bühne kam, war dass schon wieder vergessen. Meiner Meinung nach hätten sie keinen Besseren finden können, der diese Con eröffnet hat. Sebastian war supergut drauf und ich habe viel gelacht. Es herrschte sofort eine gute Stimmung alle trüben oder genervten Gedanken verfolgen im Nu.
Natürlich ging es bei ihm ziemlich versaut zu aber ich fand es noch in einem witzigen Rahmen. „Hi“ – „you are danish“ wurde mir nicht langweilig sondern ich fand diesen running gag einfach zum wegschiessen. Vor allen Dingen die verschiedenen Reaktionen der Fans.

Nach seinem Panel kam schon mein erstes Foto. Ich hatte mir seit Monaten überlegt, dass ich gerne eine Foto hätte auf dem mich Misha trägt. Als ich dann bei Sebastian in der Reihe stand, dachte ich mir ich könnte es bei Sebastian schon mal ausprobieren und wenn es sch… aussieht, könnte ich mir dann für Misha etwas besseres ausdenken.

Das Ganze lief dann ungefähr so ab.

Sebastian Roche

Ich: Hello, can you maybe carry me?

Sebastian: Sure? kurzer Moment Pause und dann die Frage Ready?

Ich: Yes

und schwupps war ich auch schon oben. In diesem Moment war es mir so was von egal wie das im Nachhinein aussehen würde, weil es sich so guuut angefühlt hat. Und es diesem Grund es sich schon gelohnt hat. Dann hat er mich wieder abgesetzt und mich noch mal angegrinst und ich habe mich artig bedankt.

thank you

Und was soll ich sagen, das Foto ist richtig süß geworden.

Ich bin so froh, dass man dieses Mal genug Zeit hatte, den Gästen zu erklären was man für ein Foto haben möchte und keiner andauernd rumgeschrien hat. Rechts herum rausgehen (wie bei J2 und den Solofotos mit ihnen.)
Als nächstes kam mein Matt Cohen Foto. Hier hatte ich eins mit meiner Freundin zusammen und eins alleine. Zuerst war meine Freundin dran und danach bin ich zu ihr gestoßen. Danach haben wir dann Matt etwas verwirrt, da er nicht so genau wusste was wir von ihm wollten. Wir hatten uns für Jared eine Pose überlegt in der wir beide als Bodyguard vor ihm stehen(mit verschränkten Armen und mürrischenBlick) und er erschrocken oder ängstlich gucken sollte. Da Jared nicht kam haben wir uns auf Matt geeinigt. Das ganze ging dann so:

Wir: Can we do the bodyguard pose?

confused look von Matt

Wir haben dann versucht ihm zu zeigen was wir meinen. Bbodyguard pose – crossing our arms – and you look scared

scared? more confused look von Matt

yes scared – ok

wir waren uns absolute nicht sicher ob er uns verstanden hat aber wir hofften auf das Beste.

Und wieder hatte ich/wir Glück, denn das Bild ist absolut cool geworden. Ich habe es auch im letzten Moment noch geschafft ernst zu gucken und Matts Gesichtsausdruck ist einfach nur total genial.

Dann hatte ich noch mein Einzelfoto mit ihm wo ich ihn gefragt habe, ob wir uns umarmen können. Lieb wie er ist hatte er auch damit kein Problem. Als ich ihn umarmt habe dachte ich nur Oh mein Gott der Mann hat ja überhaupt keine Taille. Obwohl er so muskulös ist war er an der Stelle superschmal und …ach ja seufz…total schmacht.

Danach hatte ich etwas Zeit bevor ich zu meinen Jim M. Foto musste und bin zu den Autogrammen gegangen.

Auch hier war man ziemlich schnell drin im Raum und das Warten hielt sich in Grenzen.
Als erstes saß Mark Sheppard und ich liebe diesen Typen! Er ist einfach total klasse und so cool. Letztes Jahr habe ich leider kein einziges Wort bei ihm rausgebracht und es nachher total bereut. Deshalb hatte ich mir vorgenommen, dass dies dieses Jahr besser werden muss. Und ich muss sagen ich habe mich doch sehr gut geschlagen finde ich jetzt…grins.

Ich: Hello - Can I asked you what it´s like to work with Christian Kane?

Mark: Oh Christian! He is a buddy of mine. I like him a lot.
Do you like him a lot?

Ich: Yeeeeah!

Mark grinsend: He is a lot of fun and its great to work with.

Ich:Thank you.
You are great in both series.

Mark: Thank you much appreciated.
Danach ging es weiter zu Mark Pellegrino. Ich muss sagen, dass seine Präsenz und seine Aura mich jedes Mal ein bisschen einschüchtert. Dabei ist er voll lieb.

Mark: Hello
Ich: Hello
Thank you for coming.

Mark: Thank you for having me.
Whats your name?

Ich: Marion

Mark: Marianne?

Ich: No Marion
Ich hab es ihm dann noch auf meinem Autogramm-abhak-blatt gezeigt.

Voll süß hat er dann - Love you geschrieben.

Von StevenWilliams hatte ich mir nicht so viel versprochen aber das Autogramm mit ihm war doch witzig.

Die Frau vor mir hieß Charline und der Name hatte den armen Steven verwirrt. Jedes sagte er zu ihr: You got me confused for a minute.
Als ich dann an der Reihe war sagte ich meinen Namen und das dieser einfacher ware.

Ich: Easier name.

Und Steve wie aus der Pistole geschossen: Easy name – complicated woman.
Ich konnte darauf dann nur noch ein I hope not antworten, da ich mit so was nicht gerechnet hatte.

Bei Jim Beaver stand es dann so voll, dass ich leider keine Zeit hatte um mich anzustellen ohne mein Jim Michaels Foto zu verpassen. Also bin ich raus und habe mich beim anderen Jim angestellt. Was superschnell ging, da nur ungefähr 20 Personen ein Foto von ihm wollten.

Vor der Convention dachte ich noch, ach was will der den da. Aber dann hatte ich gelesen, dass er so lieb sein soll und dachte mir für 13 Euro kann man nichts falsch machen. Und Hallelujah hat der Mann mich umgehauen. So ein total lieber, süßer und witziger Typ! Er war meine positive Überraschung bei der Con. Er hat sich für jeden Zeit genommen vor dem Foto ein paar Worte mit jedem gequatscht und war auch zu allen Blödsinn bereit. Ich muss sagen, dieser Mensch hat mein Herz im Sturm erobert.

Meine Freundin hatte für ihn ein Geschenk gekauft und ich sollte ihm das beim Foto übergeben.

Jim: Hi I m Jim und streckt mir dabei freundlich seine Hand entgegen.

Ich: Natürlich die Hand geschüttelt und ihm die Tüte von meiner Freundin gegeben mit den Worten: Hi this is from a friend of me for you.

Jim: Awww thank you- that is great. Oh cool thank you I will put it here. Dann hat er die Tüte vorsichtig auf die Fensterbank gestellt.

Danach hat er mich erwartungsvoll angeschaut, was ich denn für ein Foto haben wollte.
Ich: Can we maybe hug.

Jim: of course

Ich: thank you

Dabei hat er sich so nach vorne gebeugt, dass wir Gesicht an Gesicht waren.
Eins meiner Lieblingsbilder von dieser Con.

Danach habe ich noch den Schluss von Matt und Carries Panel gesehen. Hierbei ist Matt mal wieder rumgelaufen und Carrie war auf der Bühne. In der kurzen Zeit hatte ich so den Eindruck als wenn Carrie nicht so genau wusste was sie da oben machen sollte, aber Matt war dafür wieder supersüß.

Nach der Mittagspause ging es mit Mishas Panel weiter. Der Mann ist der totale Hammer. Ich liebe ihn. Sein Panel war mal wieder typisch Misha. Ich habe viel gelacht und es einfach nur genossen. Was mir bei ihm immer wieder auffällt ist der Unterschied zwischen seinem Bühnen-Ich und seinem Autograme/Photo-Ops-Ich. Auf der Bühne muss man schon sehr mutig sein ihm eine Frage zu stellen. Aber sobald man ihn bei den anderen Gelegenheiten trifft könnte er nicht süßer sein. Er versucht dir den bestmöglichen Moment zu geben. Ist bemüht auch jede noch so blöde Pose mit dir zu machen. Versucht mit dir ein paar Worte zu wechseln und dir deine Nervosität zu nehmen. Obwohl er leider wohl etwas krank war (auf seinem Autogrammtisch lagen Neo angin und Aspirin) hat er es sich die ganze Zeit nicht anmerken lassen und sein Bestes gegeben.

Hier nach wurde es Zeit fürs nächste Foto. Dieses Mal mit Mark Sheppard. Ich weiß noch das wir gelacht haben und als ich den Raum verlassen habe, gedacht habe wie wunderschön es war. Doch leider habe ich absolut keinen Plan mehr was tatsächlich passiert ist.

Anschließend war Mark auf der Bühne und super gelöst drauf. Immer wieder hat er uns damit gezankt, dass er ja liebend gerne über die Folge quatschen würde und ob er stirbt oder nicht. Doch da wir ja nicht die Folge gesehen haben, er dies nicht tun könnte. Er hat uns dann 24 Stunden „Schonfrist“ gegeben und wär es dann immer noch nicht gesehen hat – Pech gehabt!

Als dann Mark Pellegrino auf die Bühne kam konnte ich leider nur den Anfang sehen, da ich dann zu meinem Jim Beaver Photo musste. Er ist und bleibt der Papa Bär den man einfach knuddeln möchte. Ich hatte mir sein Buch mitgenommen und wollte eine Research Pose haben. Das Buch aufgeschlagen vor uns und wir beide gucken davon auf.

Ich: can we do research and look up from it.
Jim: Sure

Wieder im letzten Moment merke ich, dass ich ja eigentlich auch hoch sehen sollte.
Zum Glück war die Fotografin so nett und hat gewartet bis ich mich sortiert hatte.
Dann schaut er mich an – so als wolle er sagen, gute Idee. (Zumindest bilde ich mir das ein…grins)

Jims Blick und Gesichtsausdruck auf diesem Foto ist einmalig. Etwas schrullig aber so cool!
Außerdem hatte er noch seinen Finger ins Buch gelegt und die Position wo er am Lesen war zu markieren.

Dann noch der Rest von Mark Pellegrinos Panel. Der Mann hat eine atemberaubende Stimme. Ich könnte ihm stundenlang zuhören – selbst wenn er das Telefonbuch vorlesen würde.

Apropos Telefonbuch bei Sebastian Roche Coffee Lounge hatte genau dasselbe jemand zu Sebastian gesagt. Daraufhin hat Sebastian nach einem häufigen Namen mit A gefragt und ein Fan hat geantwortet „Müller“. Allgemeines Gelächter und Sebastian hat dann etwas seinen Spass damit.

Nach Marks Panel kam Jim Beaver auf die Bühne. Er hat alle Fragen wieder einmal vorzüglich beantwortet. Seine Späße gemacht mit Rapsfeldern und ähnlich und war sehr informativ. Sogar die Frage mit wem es härter ist zu arbeiten Jensen oder Jared hat er beantwortet. Ich hatte schon gedacht, dass er sich wie alle anderen auch aus so einer Frage rausschummeln würde aber nein. Er hat sie richtig gut beantwortet.
Das beide super Typen sind. Beide hervorragende Schauspieler. Und wenn sie die Sache ernst nehmen ihr Handwerk verstehen. Doch es gibt auch die Momente wo sie das nicht tun und dann kann es schon mal schwierig werden. Und Jared dann härter als bei Jensen.

Dann hat er sich mit einem german sheppard verglichen, der gerne am Lagerfeuer liegt und nichts tut. Dann gibt es den Lieblingsjagdhung, der sagt, „ja das tun wir jetzt – zeig mir eine Ente“ und das ist dann wohl Jensen. Tja und dann gibt es noch den Puppy, der etwas mehr aufgedreht ist – was natürlich Jared ist. Und deshalb wäre es mit Jared manchmal schwieriger dramatische Szenen zu drehen – because he is a puppy! Aber er würde beide mögen und hätte eine tolle witzige Zeit mit ihnen.

Leider musste ich dann auch wieder vorzeitig gehen, da ich dann mein Misha Collins Foto hatte. Und wie schon vorher erwähnt war er einfach wundervoll. Da ich mein Sebastian Foto mittlerweile gesehen hatte, wollte ich von ihm auch getragen werden.

Misha: hello
Ich: Hello
can you maybe carry me?

Misha: carry?

Ich: yes carry habe dann meine Arme in eine Tragepose gebracht und er hat mich verstanden.
Misha: oh yeah sure

Ich how?

Er packte mich und schwups war ich wieder oben. Dieses Mal habe ich mich noch schön angelehnt und es wieder genossen. Dann hat er mich total behutsam abgesetzt. Wirklich voll süß. Dann habe ich mich aus vollem Herzen bei ihm bedanken weil er einfach supernett und freundlich war.
thank you soooo much!

Daraufhin hat er mich angelächelt und zu gekniept.

Nach dem Rest von Jims Panel sind meine Freundinnen und ich was essen gegangen bis dann um halb neun Jason Manns Konzert anfing. Dieses Mal bin ich mit vor an die Bühne gegangen und habe dort mit meinen beiden Freundinnen auf dem Boden gesessen. Auch wenn man seine Musik vielleicht nicht mag (ich fand vor allen Dingen die neuen Lieder wunderschön) finde ich dass seine Atmosphäre während des Konzert etwas ganz besonders ist. Und als besondere Highlight wie immer Hallelujah und Crazy Love.

Irgendwann dazwischen am Nachmittag habe ich noch mein Sebastian Roche Autogramm abgeholt. Zuerst haben wir den Raum gesucht, da keiner so genau wusste wo Misha und Sebastian saßen. Endlich angekommen kamen wir schnell rein, da die Dame nach Sebastian only gefragt hatte. Schwups die wupp waren wir drinnen.

Sebastian: Hello again
Ich: Hello
thank you for coming.

Sebastian: no thank you for coming
Ich: your panel was fantastic
Sebastian: no you were fantastic.
thank you

Er kam supersympathisch rüber und ich hätte noch gerne länger mit ihm gequatscht. Misha habe ich dann nicht mehr geschafft, weil wieder irgendetwas anderes anstand.

Zum Abschluss des Tages noch Folge geschaut (endlich nochmal mit meinen Freundinnen, normalerweise wohnen wir zu weit auseinander um zusammenschauen zu können) und dann völlig fertig aber auch superglücklich ab ins Bett.

Der nächste Morgen war leider auch wieder etwas unglücklich, da die beiden Marks auf der Bühne waren und ich ein Misha/Sebastian Foto hatte und dies zur gleichen Zeit statt fand. So können ich leider den Panel nur in Teilen verfolgen, aber das Foto war das Highlight überhaupt für mich. Allein der Anfang vom Panel war total klasse als Mark P. ins Publikum ging und sich einfach zu einem Fan hinsetzte und sie fragte ob sie eine Frage für Mark S. hätte. Ja – Ob Mark S. denkt, dass England eine Chance hat Europameister im Fussball zu werden. Mark S. lachte wiederholte die Frage und meinte, dann das mit Portugal, Spanien und noch jemand Englang es schwer hat. Das Brasilien sogar leichter Europameister werden würde als England. Danach ging es eine ganze Zeit über Fussball weiter und ich hätte mich wegschmeissen können vor Lachen. Leider musste ich dann doch den Raum verlassen und zum Foto eilen. Und wie jedes Jahr gibt es einen Moment bei der Con wo ich total versage und völlig überfordert bin mit den Gästen die vor mir stehen. Und dieser Moment kam genau jetzt. Ich hatte mich vorher schon nicht entscheiden können welche Pose ich mit den Beiden machen wollte. Ob ich „nur“ umarmt werden wollte, oder was witziges oder ich einen umarme und der andere beleidigt guckt. Dann kam ich in den Raum und alle vor mir haben total geniale Sachen gemacht. Eine hat sich hochheben lassen, so dass Sebastian die Beine genommen hat und Misha den Oberkörper. Wie der andere haben ein Crazy foto oder amazing foto gemacht. Und ich habe nur jedes Mal gedacht. Wie cool! Dann war ich an der Reihe und hatte keinen Plan. Sebastian schaut mich an und sagt. „How are you?“ und ich nur so…..ähhh goood…ähhh fine. Habe mich dann zwischen die beiden gestellt, da ich den Verkehr nicht aufhalten wollte. Sebastian sagte noch „Fine?“ so als wenn er sagen wollte, bist du sicher? Aber ich konnte nichts antworten, da völlige Leere in meinem Hirn herrschte. Habe mich dann nur noch bedankt und bin gegangen. Als ich vor der Tür war, dachte ich nur – Was war das denn bitteschön? Da hast du ja wohl voll abgelost. Das kann doch nicht war sein. Bin kurz wieder zum Mark/Mark Panel aber konnte mich nicht darauf konzentrieren. Dann habe ich beschlossen mir noch eine Foto zu kaufen. Bin schnell hoch gelaufen und hab noch ein Foto gekauft. Das Letzte- - dank Wayne war es noch möglich. Bin wieder runtergeeilt und kam ziemlich direkt wieder rein in den Raum. Habe mir dann nochmal ordentlich zugeredet und nur gedacht, die müssen dich auch für bescheuert halten – aber egal du machst das jetzt, sonst ärgerst du dich nachher die ganze Zeit.
Dann war ich wieder an der Reihe und Sebastian sagt: Oh you again? Mit einem freundlichen Grinsen auf dem Gesicht. Ich weiß nicht ob Misha auch was gesagt hat, da er links von mir stand.

Ich: Yeah I wanted to try again.

I want to hug you – zeige mit ausgestrecktem Arm und Zeigefinger in Mishas Richtung -
and you look scared or sad or angry it’s up to you – zeige mit ausgestrecktem Arm und Zeigefinger in Sebastians Richtung.

Beide sich einen am abgrinsen: okay

Dann bin ich zu Misha gegangen und habe ihn umarmt – nur leider (oder auch nicht) habe ich Richtung Wand geschaut anstatt zur Fotografin.Dann habe ich es gemerkt und dachte nur so – Shit da ist ja die Wand. Also ich Gesicht rumgedreht und Fotografin angeschaut. Sie hat freundlicherweise wieder auf mich gewartet. Dann hat Misha entweder „the best“ oder Sebastian gesagt, keine Ahnung. Leider musste ich mich dann wieder von Misha lösen. Es war so schön gewesen…grins…habe mich noch bedankt und wieder gegangen.

Und was soll ich sagen Sebastian ist total supergenial auf dem Foto. Er schaut als wollte er sagen. wtf warum nimmt sie ihn wenn sie mich haben kann. So geil! (Sorry der Ausdruck aber es trifft es perfekt.)

Dann war wieder Jim auf der Bühne und dieses Mal konnte ich ihn ganz genießen. Anschließend kamen Misha und Sebastian zusammen auf die Bühne und ich habe mal wieder Tränen gelacht. Zuerst war Misha noch etwas ruhig und Sebastian das Rampenlicht überlassen, (vielleicht war er mal froh, nichts sagen zu müssen) aber dann kamen doch immer wieder Fragen für ihn und er hat seinen Groove gefunden. Als dann noch Matt Cohen dazu kam war es perfekt. Ausgerechnet, da war meine Speicherkarte voll und ich musste ein paar Bilder löschen um diese Sammlung von gutaussehenden Männer festhalten zu können…grins.

Schnell wieder zu den Autogrammen gehuscht und die Autogramme von Jim Michaels und Matt Cohen geholt.

Da dass Foto mit Jim M. so superschön geworden ist, wollte ich dieses signieren lassen.

Ich: Hello again
Jim: Hello
Jim guckt auf das Foto und sagt: Look at that – so voller Begeisterung.
Ich: Yeah it´s so cute.
Jim will oben signieren und ich habe ihn gebeten unten hin zu schreiben.
Jim: Okay then I will write on my ass.
To Marion
thank you for all your support of Supernatural
Much love
Jim Michaels

Das hat er dann auch nochmal vorgelesen, damit ich weiß was es heißen soll, obwohl er sehr deutlich geschrieben hat.
Ich habe mich nochmal bedankt und bin rüber zu Matt Cohen.

Matt: Hi
Ich: Hi
thank you for coming

Matt: thank you for having me
Whats your name?

er hat es dann buchstabiert was mir aber zu schnell ging deshalb

Ich: sorry to quick

Er hat es dann noch mal versucht – total geduldig der liebe Kerl -
Ich hab ihm dann wieder mein Autogramm-abhak-Karte gegeben.
Er hat dann meinen Namen mit einem Herz unten drunter geschrieben

Nach dem Mittagessen war ich dann in der Sebastian Roche Coffee Lounge. Auch hier konnte man erleben, dass der Sebastian auf der Bühne und der Sebastian im kleineren Rahmen anders ist. Es war bei weitem nicht so versaut wie bei seinem Panel und man konnte sich richtig angenehm mit ihm unterhalten. Hier habe ich auch eine Frage gestellt, die er leider nicht so richtig verstanden hat. Eigentlich wollte ich nur wissen was in seinem Glas wirklich drin ist, wenn er als Balthasar Scott oder Wodka trinkt. Das hat zu etwas Verwirrung bei ihm geführt, da er zuerst nicht wusste, ob ich Balthasar meine oder ihn selber. Dann meinte er auf einem, dass kein Alkohol am Set erlaubt ist und das da dann was anderes drin ist. Ich also nochmal gefragt, was das denn dann sei? Cola bei vielen, da er aber keine Cola trinkt, ist es Tee oder bei klaren Sachen Wasser. Hat zwar was länger gedauert aber ich habe noch meine Antwort bekommen. Juchhu!!! grins

Danach war erst mal wieder Warteschlange stehen angesagt, Mishas und Jims Autogramm.

Misha war als erstes dran und wie immer an diesem Wochenende super nett, aufmerksam und einfach zum knuddeln.

Misha: hello again
Ich: hello
Misha: Do you have fun?
Ich: Yeah – partly because of you and the wonderful photo ops.
Misha: aww glad you enjoyed it.
I had fun with you, too
Ich: what? – er hat einfach zu schnell gesprochen das ich es nicht verstehen konnte.
Misha: I had fun with you, too.
Ich: Oh thank you

Nach ungefähr 45 Minuten stand ich endlich vor Jim Beaver. Ich hatte sein Buch zum signieren, dabei. Er einen Pfeil unter den Titel gemacht und mit warmen Grüßen geschrieben. Doch zuerst hat er mich gefragt wie ich heiße und ob ich deutsch sei. Und hat dann Für Marion geschrieben. Zum Abschied habe ich mich noch für seinen coolen Look in meinem Photo Op bedankt und er hat „wunderbar“ gesagt. Sooo zum liebhaben der Typ.

Danach hatte ich endlich die Gelegenheit Jim Michaels auf der Bühne zu sehen. Leider war er auch schon fast zu Ende, aber der Typ ist so was von sympathisch und witzig. Freu mich unheimlich ihn kennenlernen zu dürfen.

Der Einzige der mich nicht so überzeugen konnte war Steve Williams. Bei seinem ersten Panel kam er mir doch leicht arrogant vor und am nächsten Tag wie ein Prediger. Das Beste an seinem zweiten Panel war, dass Jim Michaels ihn gecrasht hat und ihm ein paar witzige Geschichten entlocken konnte. Und natürlich das sie Carry on my wayward son. Wobei hier auch mehr Jim gesungen hat, als Steve Williams.

Die Abschlusszeremonie haben wir dann leider verpasst, da wir nicht mitbekommen haben, dass doch eine stattgefunden hat, da wir da gerade Essen gegangen waren. Als wir danach nochmal zurückgegangen sind, damit meine beiden Freundinnen auch noch ihr Jim Beaver Autogramm bekamen haben wir dann gehört, dass wir die Zeremonie verpasst haben. Aber dank Misha hat wir noch eine kleine Abschiedsfeier – sozusagen. Als wir dort standen und warteten kam er rein und hat sich von Jim verabschiedet. Dann ist er nochmal in der Mitte des Saales stehen geblieben und hat sich nochmal ganz lieb von den verbliebenen Fans verabschiedet. Meine Freundin hat noch eine Umarmung von Jim bekommen und somit konnten wir dann doch glücklich und zufrieden abreisen.

Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir noch eine vierte deutsche Convention bekommen. Für mich hat dieses mal so gut wie fast alles gepasst. Alle Leute von RE waren immer freundlich und hilfsbereit und das Warten hat sich durch die Einblendung der Buchstaben während der Panels auch im Rahmen gehalten. Ich hatte eine wundervolle Zeit und ich gratuliere allen die bis zum Ende dieses Post durchgehalten haben.